UT/PA1AW – My visit to Gena UX5UO

In September 2001 I had the privilege to visit the Ukraine. As Kiev was the base for my business trip it was THE opportunity to visit my friend Gena UX5UO. At the end it turned out that the time to actually meet was limited to about 4 hours.

I must say there were the warmest 4 hours I have felt for a long time. Gena UX5UO, Antoinia and Gena’s daughter Julia prepared a wonderful meal and Gena and I had the opportunity to discuss Ham-Radio and the UX5UO-Print business. I even found time to enjoy some radio from Gena his very efficient station. Only 17 qso’s were made, but it sure was fun.

Below a picture gallery expressing this wonderful, but far too short, visit.

Gena, thanks for your wonderful friendship and hospitality !!!!

[fgallery id=4 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”UT/PA1AW”]


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