All time deep ?¿

Normally I would have been in the middle of 6m season stress right now. But 2015 is not looking normal at all. No antenna’s up at the new house except some temporary antenna’s. At this moment my 2 el HB9CV for 6m is up again at approx. 5 m height surrounded by housing. This antenna is good for 6 qso’s as yet but that has more to do with the limited time I was able to spend behind the radio sofar.

The strange thing is that despite the low QSO number I uipgraded the station again now having an IC7600 as the main radio and an old friend returned in the shack: ACOM1000 amplifier. So in-house ready for action and soon there will be some aluminium on the roof again. Whether this will be in time for the 6m ES-season I doubt, but their will always be a next year  🙂

Any advise on short boom 6 m yagi’s ? (max. 4m boom)

73  AW

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