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After 4 years of running a S.E.S. during Christmas Jo (PA9JO) and (PB5Xdecided to do something different this year. Instead of using a P###XMAS call and celebrate X-MAS we want to celebrate the NEW year.

So thats why they will be transmitting from 13-12-13 till 06-01-14 with their special calls on different bands (10 to 40 mtr) of course they want to wish everybody a Merry X-MAS but the focus will be the NEW year.

We wish all our (radio) friends and their families a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.

 The (new) direct address:

Alex van Hengel, PA1AW
Ganzekant 21
2995VC Heerjansdam
The Netherlands


  • Make sure sufficient return postage is included.
  • Minimum required to cover cost: up to 3 cards = $2 ,  4 cards or more = $ 3
  • IRC can no longer be accepted !!!(our postoffice does not accept them anymore)
  • Cards received without sufficient return postage are handled like buro QSL.
  • Make sure a return envelope with you complete address is included.
  • Please make sure the country is mentioned in English.
  • In doubt ?: send a mail to

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