CQFriends – A new project

Since a few weeks I am involved in a new project. For this I have to tell you a story………..

This is the story of Two Friends – Twee vrienden – Dos amigos,
one very committed with software and computer programs, the other a real DX hamradio operator. Together sitting on a terrace talking about their passions, this idea was born:
A platform with everything for the radio amateur, an automatic logbook, information about your station, your own page, supply and demand, direct contact with your radio friends and even in your own language.
The software for creating your page is kept very simple so the less “computer scientist” can also handle it. The platform has its own awards! You can also leave a message directly to the station you’re currently working.
The various items for radio amateurs are brought together on one site.

This idea now is reality and available for everybody: www.cqfriends.com

I realy like to complement these “Two Friends” with what they have achieved and made available for the Amateur Radio community. I’m glad that I can call myself a CQFriends friend…….

73 Alex PA1AW

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