Today a big parcel was delivered at my door coming from Max ON5UR Print. When openend Is was pleasantly surprised with the printed result; VERY NICE!

So now we are ready to start sending QSL as many allready used the OQRS on Clublog.

PA96WARD – April 2021

Alex PA1AW will be active with the special callsign  PA96WARD and together with his “partner in crime” Roberto “Bob” PB5X who activates PB96WARD, they will celebrate World Amateur Radio Day 2021 during the period of 1 – 30 April. Both stations will be active at different bands and during the same period you might come accros different S.E.S. stations from all over the world who also will celebrate World Amateur Radio Day.

Other stations known to be active from the Netherlands are PG96WARD and PA96Q.

So please join us to celebrate our beautifull hobby, especially during the ongoing Pandemic where most of us are confined at home and have the chance to interact with all radio friends around the world.

73 Alex PA1AW

Finally… antennas are up

After a moving houses 5 years ago there have always been plans to re-install the tower to the house. OK, some minor changes were needed as this house was the mirror image of the previous house. So all mounting hardware needed a 180 degrees modification . During last winter my good friend Hans made the modifications so basically everything was ready.

May 23, 2020 was the day the magic happened. Together with Hans and my hamradio “buddy” Ronald PA3EWP we managed to get the tower and VHF antennes up and running.


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I choose to mount a 9 el dualband yagi by Innovantennas for 6m and 4m as I wish to use the season for 6 meter and in the mean time explore a virgin band for me: 4m. Above this beautiful constructed yagi I mounted my old trusted workhorse for 2m, a 9 el DK7ZB. Summertime will tell me whether it will be VHF for the coming period or that after the 6m season my HF yagi will go in. (Now after 3 days I am pretty sure it will be a bigger 6m yagi next season)

A big Thank You to Hans and Ronald for helping me out.

New radio……

Since a few days I replaced my Kenwood TS590s with the new Icom IC7300.

I must say, I am impressed by this little box and look forward exploring the possibilities.

2 new bands to play on although it does not seem to be the best season for 70 Mhz  🙂


QSL manager for 30 years EUDXF stations

Special stations will be activated to celebrate the 30th anniversary of EUDXFimage003

In the period october – december 2016 these stations will be active:


QSL Manager for all listed stations is Alex PA1AW. Logs will be on LOTW and Clublog.

For more information about this special event you can contact Ron PA3EWP or check

New project

eudxfDuring the annual EUDXF meeting in Bentheim I accepted the task as webmaster for the EUDXF website. A challenge but fun to do and good to bring this important PR instrument in action again. Check for progress…


Chasing DX…….. VK0EK & FT4JA

Chasing FT4JA on 80m

Chasing FT4JA on 80m

April 2, 2016 it wasn’t contesttime but time to chase DX. Together with several clubmembers (PA3EWP, PD4RD, PA2R, PA3BWD, PA1BDO, PB0AIC) we spent some time on the station chasing VK0EK Heard Island and FT4JA Juan de NOva Island.

Starting of at 9a.m. local time with some repair work to the station and finishing just after midnight most of us were able to make one or more QSO’s with these rare DX-stations during the day.

For me VK0EK brought new bands on 12 and 160m. FT4JA brought a new country on CW and bandpoints on 12,15,17 and 80m. Unfortunately I was not at the radio in the afternoon and missing some more bandpoints so the chase is still on.



Unfortunately the PI4COM station was not “recovered” in time for this contest. Without yagi’s for 20 and 15m band it was not possible to have a competitive station. So it was decided to operate Single Band Single Operator this year.
Ron PA3EWP on 40m, using the club call PI4COM, with the 4 square.
Richard PD4RD was hoping for 10m to open but had to go for 20m using a simpel endfed wire. I, Alex PA1AW, went on 80m using the 1/4 vertical and low dipole.
Despite not being able to operate as a team I had a great time and nice result.
Great weather and great food prepared by Richard shure helped.


2 3

All time deep ?¿

Normally I would have been in the middle of 6m season stress right now. But 2015 is not looking normal at all. No antenna’s up at the new house except some temporary antenna’s. At this moment my 2 el HB9CV for 6m is up again at approx. 5 m height surrounded by housing. This antenna is good for 6 qso’s as yet but that has more to do with the limited time I was able to spend behind the radio sofar.

The strange thing is that despite the low QSO number I uipgraded the station again now having an IC7600 as the main radio and an old friend returned in the shack: ACOM1000 amplifier. So in-house ready for action and soon there will be some aluminium on the roof again. Whether this will be in time for the 6m ES-season I doubt, but their will always be a next year  🙂

Any advise on short boom 6 m yagi’s ? (max. 4m boom)

73  AW

Good begin of the 2015 DX year

Despite I do not yet have my Stepp-Ir up since I moved to my current house I was happy to have the opportunity to work two major DXpeditions by moving my radio equipment to the clubstation PI4COM:

EP6T – Iran


K1N – Navassa


As this is only a few hundred meters away from my home operating this very nice station expands my horizon. This time a lot of work was needed to have the station fully operational as the winter storms seriously damaged the antennas for 160, 20, 17, 15 and 12 meters. We are glad we did all the work want the result is very nice…..

Anyhow, good motivation to get the home station up and running…..

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